Company Profile - Cleveroad

Address:541 Jefferson Ave Ste 100
Redwood City, CA
Contact:Alexandr Riabushko

Company Description

Main areas of expertise: ?Native mobile and web development; Microservices and Cloud solutions; AI/Data Science, Machine Learning; Industrial IoT and Augmented reality; Cross-platform sollutions.

Types of Clients

Europe: Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, UK, Germany, Turkey ||| North America: USA, Canada ||| Near East: Saudi Arabia, UAE ||| Australia

Types of Relationships

Media Expertise, Machine Learning & AI, IoT Expertise, Big Data, Computer vision. Warehouse and inventory, Blockchain solutions, Progressive web sites


Automotive, Education, Entertainment and Media, Financial Services (Insurance), Health Care, Hospitality, Services, Technology (Hardware, Software), Telecommunication

Regions Served

Australia/New Zealand, Canada, Eastern Europe, Japan, U.S., United Kingdom, Western Europe

Services Offered

Automation, Cyber Security, Engineering, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Product Manufacturing, Research & Development, Transaction Processing

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