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Part 2: Project Information
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1. Concisely and clearly explain your company’s business problems or opportunities (not technology problems) that needed to be addressed. (100 words) 
2. What area(s) of your company's operations were impacted by the outsourcing/collaborative relationship or approach? Please name and provide input on the size, scope, and nature of the business area(s) impacted. (150 words) 
3. Please describe the origin and nature of the innovation and how the innovation was developed. Be specific about why it is truly innovation and explain why it is not a best practice. (250 words) 
4. Please describe the steps, process and challenges overcome in its implementation. (500 words). 
5. Please describe in specific, easily understood and quantitative terms, the resulting value created. Please emphasize top-line and strategic business value; for example, growth, sustainability, competitive advantage, consumer insights, etc. (200 words) 
6. Clearly describe what your industry peers can learn from your story and how your story will advance outsourcing as a management practice. Be specific with examples. (150 words) 
7. In summary, why does the team believe they should be recognized? (100 words) 
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Please submit this form electronically on or before November 1, 2020 to ensure that your nomination is considered. Submissions will be judged by the content included in this nomination form only - please refrain from sending any additional documents. Should you have any questions in this regard, please contact Kim Maneeley at

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