Workforce and Delivery Location Strategies: What to Aim For in 2021
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By: Everest Group

Despite being a year of rough waters for most industries, global delivery locations and delivery center set-ups saw trends of growth throughout 2020.

In this webinar replay/deck, Everest Group’s Michel Janssen, Chief Research Officer, and Anurag Srivastava, Vice President, were joined by senior workforce and locations strategy practitioner Daniel Rose, Head of Strategy and Operations at Novartis, and Rajat Bhatnagar, Extended Workforce Solutions Business Partner at Google, for a 360-degree perspective on global workforce and delivery locations strategies — including what changed in 2020 and what to aim for in 2021.

They discussed

  • The effects of COVID-19 on global workforce and delivery locations strategies
  • Leveraging offshore vs. nearshore vs. onshore locations
  • Implementing hub-and spoke or centers of excellence (CoE) models
  • The impacts of work from home (WFH) on real estate and how it compares to flexible office space trends
  • Trends in leveraging alternative talent models

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