The Rise of Legal Services Outsourcing

by University of Missouri and London School of Economics

This session will focus on the client case studies and lessons learned to achieve successful LSO engagements based on the recently completed large research project on Legal Service Outsourcing based on detailed data from 27 LPO providers, 5 client case studies, and interviews with General Counsels and CEOs of LSO providers. We have just completed a book based on this research called, The Rise of Legal Services Outsourcing. Participants will 1) understand the forces pressuring enterprise legal functions and law firms and how LSO contributes to the overall transformation of legal services, 2) understand best practices for ensuring good outcomes from LSO engagement  (based on real case studies), 3) understand LSO provider landscape (based on detailed data from 27 LSO providers), 4) compare the best practices for LSO engagements with best practices from BPO and ITO. (Some practices apply to all of outsourcing but LSO has some unique attributes) and 5) Understand 8 LSO trends. For the full presentation, as seen at The 2014 Outsourcing World Summit, please click the download button.

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