Are Enterprise Business Continuity Plans REDI for the Next Disruption
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By: Everest Group

With millions of people infected and billions confined to their homes, the COVID-19 pandemic turned out to be a global crisis of historic proportions. No business had anticipated or planned for the scope, breadth, and pace of disruption associated with such a crisis. It pushed organizational BCP programs to their limits and highlighted inefficiencies in the traditional risk mitigation approach. In this viewpoint, we explore how organizations can leverage technology to reassess and redefine their existing BCP strategies using a methodological approach to better mitigate future BPS continuity risks associated with global disruptions such as COVID-19. The viewpoint also introduces the Risk Evaluation and Digital Intervention (REDI) framework that can be leveraged to assess BPS functions’/segments’ vulnerability to disruptions and the impact that digital levers can have on enhancing BCP program resilience.

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