OWS2.0 Presentations

February 17-19, 2020 - Renaissance Orlando - Orlando, Florida

The Outsourcing World Summit® (OWS), IAOP’s annual global gathering, is where outsourcing customers, providers, advisors and academics come together. Game-changing ideas are shared. The latest trends and opportunities are identified. And, hundreds of millions of dollars of business deals are initiated and made.

First produced in 1998, the Summit has been held more than 30 times on five continents and is renowned for the quality of its speakers and the depth and breadth of its educational programs. The Summit is keynoted by top business, academic and government leaders, and complemented by over 40 in-depth breakout sessions, case studies and workshops.

Click the links below to download the available proceedings. The Keynote presentations can be downloaded together with the Educational presentations by clicking HERE.The Keynote presentations can be downloaded in one complete zipped file or individually by speaker. The Educational presentations are available as zipped files by round.



Keynotes - Complete Zip File

Atul Vashistha, COP, Neo Group
Suzanne Leopoldi-Nichols, UPS
Ofelia Fernandez, Enterprise Ops -Diageo

Ahead Talk #1 7 Imperatives for Competing in a Culture of Speed
Eric Clark, NTT Data

Ahead Talk #2 THE CLM Paradox: Why 2020 Still Feels Like the 80s
Claude Marais, SirionLabs

Ahead Talk #3 Transcending Digital – Going Beyond Technology to Move Humanity Forward
Kevin Parikh, Avasant

Doing Well By Doing Good; The Future Of Impact Sourcing
Jon Browning, Global Mentorship Initiative
Jessica Custer, Global Impact Sourcing Coalition
Cheryl Leader, Datrose
Tom Sheridan, Eclaro
Paula Hurlock, Sutherland

FUTURE OF WORK Unlocking Human Potential
Additional content referenced in Keynote: Post-Digital Culture Shock
Katherine LaVelle, Accenture

What’s Keeping COPs Up at Night? A Panel Discussion
Jag Dalal, IAOP
Serge Librot, LivIT
Michael Nacarato, Transamerica
Jowina Person, MetLife
Sailesh Thakur, CME Group Inc

Wednesday Workshop: Linking Up for Design Thinking
Mary Lewis, Sprint
Cynthia Batty, ISG
Sara Musil, Sprint
Chris Okamoto, Infosys



Breakout Sessions Round 1

Automating Third-Party Risk & Governance
John Bree, Neo Group

Evaluating Automation Proposals from Suppliers in New Engagements
Shuchita Singh, COP, Abbvie
Ivo Tzontchev, AbbVie

Leveraging Coaching Fundamentals to Strengthen Your Outsourcing Relationships
Audrey Cushing, COP-GOV, Vee Technologies

Navigating the Cloud Landscape
Tristan Morel L'Horset

Next Generation Sourcing for the Digital Enterprise
Anupam Govil, Avasant
Jairo Quiros, Equifax

Breakout Sessions Round 2

Journey to 100% SaaS
Mohit Gupta, HCL
Kevin Grayling, Florida Crystals Corporation

Man vs. Machine
Alex Gerler, Cushman & Wakefield
Jeff Orf, Cushman & Wakefield

Migrating to a Faster Leaner Financial Service Outsourcing Model
Paul Anselmo, Evolve Mortgage Services
Angela Lee Loy, Aegis Business Solutions Limited
Sylvannas Berkeley, Trinidad & Tobago International Financial Centre

The Trust Factor: The Critical Element in a Successful and Enduring Partnership
Lance Kwasniewski, COP, Belcan, LLC
Mahesh Patel, Pratt and Whitney

Your Crowdsourced Topics on Contracting and Negotiation
Neil Hirshman, COP, Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Lawrence Kane, COP, COP-GOV, Boeing
Mike Stoler, Deloitte
John Beardwood, Fasken
Shellie Freedman, Kirkland & Ellis

Breakout Sessions Round 3

A Bi-Partisan Approach to Assessing Risk
Lawrence Kane, COP, COP-GOV, Boeing
Janette Nyden, Sound Partnership Strategies

Doing Well by Doing Good: A Service Provider Story
Debi Hamill, IAOP
Cheryl Leader, Datrose
Jessica Custer, Global Impact Sourcing Coalition (BSR)
Tom Sheridan, Eclaro
Kellie Walenciak, Televerde
Paula Hurlock, Sutherland Global

End-To-End IT Vendor Governance; Leveraging Cloud Technology To Enable Outsourced Service Delivery Processes With Contractual Oversight
Ves M Kjenstad, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Key Issues in 2020: The Insights You Need to Plan & Execute Successfully
Eric Simonson, Everest Group
Shirley Hung, Everest Group

Sourcing for Agile - A Deep Dive into Innovative Sourcing Methods to Drive Value from Agile Development and Still Hold Vendors Accountable for Outcomes
Boris Abezgauz, PwC Strategy&
Skanda Janakiram, PwC Strategy &

Breakout Sessions Round 4

Digital Transformation in Latin America and the Caribbean Panel discussion, no slides available
Atul Vashistha, Neo Group
Michael Mensik, Baker & McKenzie
Anupam Govil, Avasant
Mauricio Velasquez, COP, COP-BD, Velasquez & Company
Anakarina Quessep, BPrO
Santiago Pinzon, National Business Association of Colombia

GEO Award-Winning Case Study: Intuit’s Customer Success Outsourcing Transformation
Bala Venkataramanan, Intuit

How To Be A Good Customer
Kyle Andrews, Pretium Partners
Vijay Verma, HCL America
Michael Nacarato, COP, Transamerica
Dave Althoff, Cognizant

The Future of Social Responsibility in Outsourcing
Debi Hamill, IAOP
Mauricio Odovaine, Facebook
Chris Crowley, Alorica
Mary Lewis, Sprint
Amar Akatrai, Tech Mahindra
Jon Browning, Global Mentorship Initiative

Breakout Sessions Round 5

GTA’s Journey to Contract Automation
Claude Marais, SirionLabs
Peter Blake, aCOP, State of Georgia

Outsourcery – Are good outcomes a result of magic or strategy?
FD Giambattista, COP, Bank of the West
Andy Sealock, Pace Harmon

The Perils and Potential of Digital Transformation
Don Estes, Atos | Syntel

Using Space-as-a-Service to Drive New Partnership Models
Maureen Ehrenberg, WeWork

Breakout Sessions Round 6

How Digital Disrupts Outsourcing
Jan Erik Aase, ISG
Stanton Jones, ISG

Human Capital 3.0: The Contract Workforce is the New Outsourcing in the Age of A.I. and Automation
Rajeev Thakur, Newmark Knight Frank

Past, Present and Future of Governance
John Bree, Neo Group
Umapathy Viswanathan, COP, BlueCross BlueShield Association
Andy Gottschalk, Emergent Holdings
Alpa Inamdar, BNY Mellon
Doug Ausenhmer, Abbott

Unconcious Bias
Maura Hudson, COP, Colliers
Michelle Needles, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Solutions

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