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Risk Monitoring |Governance |Advisory

Risk Monitoring |Governance |Advisory




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Taking the Robot Out of the Human: RPA, AI and Cognitive Automation for Organizational Success

Headlines everywhere state AI is “The new IT job killer” and that “The robots are coming.”  The marketplace is saturated with articles, white papers, conferences on the topic.  RPA is the acronym of the day, but with good reason.  One report suggests RPA offers a potential ROI of 30-200 percent—in the first year.
By now, you know what these new technologies are and that they can have a profound effect on your business. You know the benefits are both strategic and financial. But you have questions.
What are the considerations?  What are the risks?  Where do you start and if you’re 
already an adopter, how do you ensure success? How does embracing new technologies impact your current workforce?
Join IAOP and the industry’s leading technology experts and implementers on September 15, in New York, NY, for a one-day deep dive into these topics and more.

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