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Chicago Chapter Chair

Chicago Chapter Chair


Supply Wisdom
SM - Exclusive Corporate Member benefit

IAOP has partnered with Neo Group to offer their corporate members an additional member-benefit, Supply Wisdom. Supply Wisdom enables IAOP members the ability to continuously monitor, predict and manage location and supplier risks, affecting your top critical suppliers and delivery locations. This service gives organizations the ability to; leverage real-time intelligence, monitor supply risks and enhance your risk governance.
Supply Wisdom is a cloud-based data, alerts and guidance solution that enables companies to proactively monitor locations and suppliers in their global services supply chain in order to make rapid, informed decisions about sourcing, third-party oversight, location selection, vendor management and ongoing governance.
Our proprietary risk model dynamically evaluates 350+ data points across eight different categories (including financial, geo-political, macro-economic, financial, people risk, infrastructure, service maturity etc.) specifically related to your global service suppliers assisting organizations in identifying, analyzing and quantifying risks at the supplier, country and city level. The depth and breadth of coverage makes Supply Wisdom a trusted and reliable partner for vendor management, risk management and compliance functions. 
Supply Wisdom is powered by Neo Group, a leading management consulting firm with focus on Global Talent, Automation, Analytics, Process Optimization & Governance Support. Since 1999, Neo has been helping organizations achieve business objectives and address business challenges by leveraging global services and sourcing by providing not only advice but ensuring effective outcomes.
This exclusive IAOP Corporate Member benefit worth more than $5,000 includes:
  • One-year subscription to SW Manager for any one country, city or supplier of your choice. ** $5,000 value! **
  • Additional 20% discount on subscriptions to countries, cities or suppliers with SW Manager
For more details, visit www.SupplyWisdom.com or contact casey@neogroup.com.
*Subscription available to only buyers & advisors.

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