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Digital Outsourcing

Digital Outsourcing

Accelerating success.

Accelerating success.


European Outsourcing Council (EOC)

The EOC is comprised of European members who are committed to advising IAOP in the development of programs to serve our European members.


Flag of Serbia

Marko Kovacevic
Chairman, IAOP's European Outsourcing Council
and Member, IAOP's Strategic Advisory Board
Flag of Poland

Wiktor Doktór
CEO, Pro Progressio (Poland)
Flag of United Kingdom

Jonathan Yarlett
Director, Intellgent Sourcing
Flag of Belgium

Serge Librot, COP
Partner, LivIT
Flag of Netherlands

Johan van der Bijl, COP
 Sourcing Director, Ordina (Netherlands)
Flag of Denmark

Anders Hansen
Global Marketing Manager, ISS (Denmark)

Flag of Switzerland

Vishal Khanna, COP-BD, COP-GOV
VP, Commercial Services, IQVIA (Switzerland)
Flag of United Kingdom

Adrian Quayle, COP
Managing Partner, Europe, Avasant (UK)

Flag of Germany

Susanne Richter-Wills
Director, BPO Solutions, Kofax  (Germany)


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