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Risk Monitoring |Governance |Advisory

Risk Monitoring |Governance |Advisory

Chair of the New England Chapter

Chair of the New England Chapter

#1 Ranked Customer Experience Management Provider

#1 Ranked Customer Experience Management Provider

End-to-end advisory solutions

End-to-end advisory solutions


IAOP Affiliate Associations

IAOP has created a partnership framework for affiliate associations. IAOP Affiliate Associations are professional, industrial and trade associations that operate as part of a global network to promote outsourcing, offshoring, shared services and related management practices, industries and professions. With these goals in mind, IAOP has formed unique multi-dimensional relationships with the following associations:


Aloic is a non profit organization, officially constituted in 2012 to consolidate the project conceived by four regional partners to integrate the market through the exchange of knowledge. They are: Tecnovoz (Argentina), Grube Editorial (Brasil), Asociación Colombiana de Contact Centers & BPO (Colombia) y el Instituto Mexicano de Teleservicios (México).
ALOIC already includes new members in : Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay and Peru.
These partners promote an exchange of knowledge through its annual Congresses. The group structured the first regional integration project, creating the LATAM Award, recognizing best practices of interaction with clients in Latin America, on 2017 will be the 6th Edition. To learn more, 
visit www.aloic.org.

Russian National Association of Strategic Outsourcing (ASTRA) is a professional organization aimed at setting up industry standards as well as promoting outsourcing as an industry and profession. The strategic goal of ASTRA is to form and develop the outsourcing market in Russia and CIS. ASTRA members are leading companies working in the Russian outsourcing industry, including Jet Infosystems, CROC, Open Technologies, Rosservice, SBSystems, StinsComan, Accenture, Optima Services, Hewlett Packard, IBS DataFort, in4media and ISG. ASTRA helps organizations to use outsourcing as a business instrument to increase efficiency and cut operational costs. To learn more, visit www.astra-partners.ru (in Russian only).

As Russia’s premier strategic outsourcing industry association, ASTRA has brought together the leading Russian outsourcing service providers and professionals. ASTRA hosts an annual Russian Outsourcing Forum in Moscow (in November), issues an annual report about the Russian Outsourcing Industry and publishes white papers on Russian outsourcing service providers.

British Computer Society (BCS)

The British Computer Society (BCS) is the Chartered industry body for IT professionals, the Chartered Engineering Institution for Information Technology and a Chartered Science Institution. With its rapidly growing membership, BCS is playing an increasingly pivotal role in leading the development and implementation of world class standards for the IT profession through innovative products, services and support.

Through its specific “Professionalism in IT” programme, BCS is leading and building IT professionalism to levels which are currently only seen in more traditional long standing professions such as law, medicine, and accountancy but which will increasingly become the de facto standards for IT professionals.


The Brazilian Association of Information Technology and Communication Companies – represents the main IT-BPO companies, both Brazilian and international, which account for 70% of Brazil’s gross domestic product (GDP) in the sector, as well as research centers, universities and institutional partners. Founded in 2004, Brasscom works to position Brazil amongst the world’s three leading strategic IT-BPO centers. To this end, it seeks to align public policies with the private sector and local and international markets, as well as to encourage cooperation with employees and the associations that represent them.

Its agenda is built around promoting Brazil’s excellence and innovative capacity in IT-BPO, which is essential to increased efficiency and productivity in every sector of the economy. In five areas of operation, Brasscom works to consolidate the relevance of the IT-BPO sector in Brazil.
Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ)

The Consortium for IT Software Quality™ (CISQ™) is an IT leadership group that develops international standards for automating the measurement of software size and structural quality from the source code. The standards written by CISQ enable IT and business leaders to measure the risk IT applications pose to the business, as well as estimate the cost of ownership. CISQ was co-founded by the Object Management Group® (OMG®) and Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University. To date, CISQ has delivered standards for Automated Function Points, Automated Enhancement Points, Security, Reliability, Maintainability, Performance Efficiency, and Technical Debt.

clientesa magazine was born with editorial line focused on highlighting the strategic vision in decision-making throughout the relationship management process with clients, addressing concepts such as CRM, Loyalty, Service Centers, Technology and Human Resources.
The ultimate goal of the publication is to contribute to the growth of the sector, transforming information into knowledge through detailed sectoral research and translating trends for the corporate market. On a monthly basis, the magazine has national distribution in Brazil.
Launched in October 2001, clientesa portal is a media whose editorial line focused on the customer and is committed to contribute to the transition of companies to go to focus on that business, is the most cost effective as possible, as adds speaking exclusively management and relationship.
Colombian Association for Contact Centers y BPO - ACDECC&BPO

ACDECC&BPO was created in 2001 by a group of entrepreneurs in order to group corporate persons and other entities comprising Call Centers, Contact Centers, hardware, software and industry service providers, as well as corporate persons with their own call or contact centers. ACDECC&BPO is the only Association Exclusively dedicated for the Contact Centers and BPO Sector in Colombia.

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the growth of industry in India, partnering industry and government alike through advisory and consultative processes.

CII is a non-government, not-for-profit, industry led and industry managed organization, playing a proactive role in India's development process. Founded over 115 years ago, it is India's premier business association, with a direct membership of over 8100 organizations from the private as well as public sectors, including SMEs and MNCs, and an indirect membership of over 90,000 companies from around 400 national and regional sectoral associations.



Data Security Council of India (DSCI), a section 25 not-for-profit company, was setup as an independent Self Regulatory Organization (SRO) by NASSCOM, to promote data protection, develop security and privacy codes & standards and encourage the IT/BPO industry to implement the same. DSCI has developed Best Practices for Data Protection that are in line with global standards and cover emerging disciplines of security and privacy. While its immediate goal is to raise the level of security and privacy of IT and BPO service providers to assure their clients and other stakeholders that India is a secure destination for global sourcing, DSCI also promotes these best practices for domestic industry segments like Banking, Telecom and E- governance.

DSCI is engaged with the IT/BPO industry, their clients worldwide, industry associations, data protection authorities and other government agencies, in different countries. It organizes data protection awareness seminars, workshops, projects, interactions and other necessary initiatives for outreach and public advocacy. DSCI Best Practices Approach to data protection is the key message of the outreach program.

To learn more visit http://www.dsci.in/


The Human Capital Providers Association of Nigeria (HuCaPAN) is the umbrella organization of registered/licensed Private Employment Agencies in Nigeria. The aims and objectives of the Association, among others, are to develop and promote standards and ethical practices in recruitment, deployment and management of outsourced personnel among Service Providers in Nigeria.

HuCaPAN was established to provide an interface through which government agencies and relevant authorities can effectively deal with providers of outsourced personnel. The association is also a member of the Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association (NECA). Thus HuCaPAN is not a trade union but a dynamic and highly respected professional body of all human capital providers in Nigeria.


With over 24 years of experience, we are the leading organization in the industry of Contact Centers and the Enterprise Management Relations - Customer in Mexico and Latin America. During this path we have advised more than 450 companies from different twists and trained more than 52.230 executives.
We offer a full range of professional services, and various forums updating and dissemination.
We have a team of professionals includes specialists with the ability and experience to meet the expectations of your company.
Our main goal is to promote the development of best practices, professionalism and competitiveness of the organizations we serve, helping to optimize their relationships and interaction with customers and users, to the challenges and opportunities of the global environment.
Information Security Forum (ISF)

Founded in 1989, the Information Security Forum (ISF) is an independent, not-for-profit association of leading organisations from around the world. It is dedicated to investigating, clarifying and resolving key issues in cyber, information security and risk management and developing best practice methodologies, processes and solutions that meet the business needs of its Members.

ISF Members benefit from harnessing and sharing in-depth knowledge and practical experience drawn from within their organisations and developed through an extensive research and work program. 

The Nordic ITOSDA is the only dedicated Association covering the IT Outsourcing and Software Development industry across the Nordic Regions and the rest of the world. The Association covers various aspects of IT and Outsourcing, including: Business Processes, ITES BPO; SaaS/Cloud Computing and Near/Off - Shore Software Development. Representing the interests of end users, suppliers and all supporting services, we are committed to disseminating the benefits of strategic IT outsourcing, sharing best practice and fostering peer-to-peer networking. Our focus is on improving and enhancing the IT/BPO and software development business climate in the Nordic region.

Pro Progressio is the Foundation located in Poland focused on the development of outsourcing industry. Among the goals of the Foundation are promotion of Poland as the best near and offshoring location, outsourcing education and promotion of service suppliers and their business environment. Foundation is using OutsourcingPortal and Outsourcing&More Magazine (the only Polish-English outsourcing industry media) to achieve the goals but also as promotion tools offered to Outsourcing Club Members. Outsourcing Club is a membership project run by the Pro Progressio. The members of the Club are services suppliers, cities, development agencies, consulting organizations, real estate developers and other organizations form the outsourcing industry environment. View their publication, Outsourcing & More magazine.

TecnoVoz specializes in developing and marketing products and services, Computer Telephony & Multichannel Solutions for the corporate market, with a particular stake in the industry contact centers. We combine the benefits of unique products and an excellent business proposition to ensure your company usufruct of new technologies while minimizing their business risks. Our accumulated expertise, powered by a human resource focused on the incorporation of knowledge, results in a constantly innovative management focused on creating solutions tailored to each client.
With extensive commercial presence within the country, together with our representatives in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, United States, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico and Venezuela, we will strengthen our ability to innovate by launching new products and services with a model of commercial distribution and strategically support regionalized. Framed in the philosophy of developing long-term relationships with our customers, we create the most varied trading strategies that allow us to join them in growing their business.
30,000 seats installed in more than 230 contact centers in Latin America only say one thing: we do and we do it well.
  Xi'an Software Park

Xi'an Software Park,established in December 1998, is the professional park for Xi’an to develop scale software and service outsourcing industries.The Park has been appraised as a software industry base under the National Torch Program, national software industry base, national software export base, city demonstrational area of national service outsourcing base and it is one of the four parks with “double bases” of software in China currently.

Xi'an Software Park agglomerates 90% of all the enterprises engaged in software and service outsourcing in Xi’an. In 2009, the total income from the software and information service outsourcing industry of XHTZ amounted to RMB 32.2 billion Yuan, marking a year-on-year growth of 41%; the total export earnings reached US$ 154 million, marking year-on-year growth of 36%; the total number of enterprises was increased to 870; the total number of employees amounted to 82,000.

To learn more about how your association can benefit from partnering with IAOP, contact Mihael Forbes at +1.845.452.0600 ext. 118 or at mike.forbes@iaop.org

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