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Outsourcing Standards Board - IAOPOSB
Setting Industry-wide Standards for Excellence

Through their commitment to advancing outsourcing’s professional standards, IAOP members distinguish themselves every day as preferred customers, providers, and advisors with whom to work.

IAOP’s standards program is led by the Outsourcing Standards Board -- a separate not-for-profit organization created by IAOP expressly for the purpose of developing and advancing industry-wide standards and certification programs. Michael F. Corbett, Chairman, IAOP chairs the Board of Directors of the Outsourcing Standards Board (OSB).  Other board directors and at-large members vary over time, and are made of IAOP corporate membership.

Code of Ethics and Business Practice Standards for Outsourcing Professionals

On September 6, 2005, the Outsourcing Standards Board released the Code of Ethics and Business Practice Standards for Outsourcing Professionals – a critical first-step in its program to enhance the professionalism of the individuals and organizations that work in the field of outsourcing.

By adopting this code and requiring agreement to it by all of its members, IAOP’s Professional Members can be counted on to:

1) Adhere to generally accepted business standards in all of their business dealings
2) Accurately communicate, as a customer, provider, or advisor, their and their organization’s experience and capabilities
3) Focus and evaluate their work based on measurable business outcomes achieved
4) Continuously enhance the profession and their professional skills through training and knowledge sharing
5) Be advocates for outsourcing as a management practice and as an industry, and
6) Proactively identify and resolve ethical and business practice issues if they occur

For a copy of the Code of Ethics and Business Practice Standards for Outsourcing Professionals click here.

Outsourcing Professional Standards

Key to ensuring high-quality outsourcing outcomes is constantly improving the capabilities of the business and project leaders responsible for defining, implementing, and managing these highly-complex multi-company business relationships.

COP Outsourcing Professional Standards

In 2014, the Outsourcing Standards Board completed work on version 10.0 of the Outsourcing Professional Standards. These standards have been developed to ensure that individuals who receive the Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) or Associate Certified Outsourcing Professional (aCOP) designations possess the capabilities required to design, implement, and manage outsourcing initiatives with a high probability of achieving the organization’s intended outcomes.

The standards are just one part of an integrated program to improve outsourcing outcomes.  They are based on the Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge (OPBOK) and form the basis for the Certified Outsourcing Professional Master Class

For a copy of the Outsourcing Professional Standards click here. For more information on becoming a Certified Outsourcing Professional click here.

Certified Outsourcing Specialist™ Professional Standards

In 2010, the Outsourcing Standards Board completed work on new Standards for several certifications in the Certified Outsourcing Specialist family of certifications.  The Certified Outsourcing Specialist(COS) family certifications are developed and geared towards individuals involved in the delivery of outsourced services

The standards are just one part of an integrated program to improve outsourcing outcomes.  They detail the capabilities and or knowledge areas that are required to be certified.  The standards for COS family certifications  available for download here:

Certified Outsourcing Specialist - Human Resources (COS-HR) Standards
Certified Outsourcing Specialist - Finance & Accounting (COS-F & A) Standards
Certified Outsourcing Specialist - Foundation Principles (COS-FP) Standards
Certified Outsourcing Specialist - Marketing & Sales (COS-M&S) Standards

For more information on getting one of the COS family certifications click here.


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