IAOP Certifications Enabled (ICE) Designation

To serve the entire Outsourcing Ecosystem and increase synergies between outsourcing service provider, customer and advisory companies and certifications within the OPCF, IAOP has introduced the IAOP Certifications Enabled (ICE) designation. The ICE designation would enable leading outsourcing service provider, customer and advisory companies to highlight their adoption of international best practices in hiring their workforce by endorsing IAOP certifications.  This designation can help differentiate participating companies in the marketplace, and help promote awareness of the certification programs and encourage adoption across the industry.

 Benefits of (ICE) Designation

  • COP and COS certifications are reviewed and approved by leading outsourcing customers and endorsed by the membership of the IAOP, including some of the largest global customers of outsourcing. The ICE designation will help outsourcing providers demonstrate to these customers that they are hiring the highest quality workforce. These certifications are also approved by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training and included in their CareerOneStop Program.
  • By adopting some certifications in the COS family, companies can save on testing expenses. Usually candidates would directly pay for these standardized tests and thus hiring companies would reduce their expenses of creating and administering their own tests. Hiring companies can also use any of the COS certification databases to find high quality employees.
  • The endorsement by ICE designated companies will promote the adoption of COP and COS certifications by individuals and organizations, helping to create a standard of excellence in the outsourcing ecosystem.
  • ICE organizations will also be invited to participate in an IAOP steering committee around new certifications
  • IAOP Corporate Members who are ICE designated will be provided with appropriate marketing opportunities
  • IAOP periodically will publish reports of the number of IAOP certified workers in each of the top outsourcing destinations. These reports will help national associations reliably demonstrate the quality of their labor pool. This will attract outsourcing customers to their destination.
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IAOP ICE program sponsors:


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IAOP's certifications represent the highest level of professional accomplishment and are the industry's gold standard of excellence for customers, providers and advisors around the globe.  The following companies and organizations are just a small sample of the leading firms that have embraced IAOP's training and certification programs as a key element in their organization's program for exceptional outsourcing outcomes:

Accenture, Allstate, American Express, Ameriprise, Applied Materials, Avasant, Capgemini, Capital One, CB Richard Ellis, Colliers, Convergys, Deutsche Bank, Diebold, Firstsource Solutions, Fuji Xerox, Hewlett Packard, Heineken Netherlands, Infosys, ISS, John Hancock,  Johnson & Johnson, KellyOCG, Kirkland & Ellis, Kraft, Liberty Mutual, Long View Systems, Manulife, MDeC, NCR, Nike, Orange Business Services, Pfizer, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Procter & Gamble, Quint Wellington Redwood, Rogers Communications, SAB Miller, Oracle, Symantec, Unisys, US Department of Labor, VADS Berhad,  Vodafone, Whirlpool, Wipro, Xerox, Zurich Financial Services.

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