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Bringing Outsourcing to Front Office

IAOP presents Marco Ziegler, Accenture & Andy Walter, Proctor and Gamble: Bringing Outsourcing to the Front Office.
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 Associate Membership Required PULSE: The Magazine Driven By & For the Outsourcing Professional - Current Issue IAOP's e-zine takes you deep into outsourcing with the latest ideas, advice, knowledge, and best practices, and turns the conventional upside down with stories designed to engage, inspire and challenge you. With editorial content from the leading thinkers and doers in the outsourcing industry, you’ll have the know-how, tools and resources to succeed as a new professional in today’s global economy.  More »

Public Article Chapter Meeting Presentations From data security and governance to emerging outsourcing destinations and the latest trends, IAOP's global chapter network is talking about it.  More »

 Associate Membership Required Global Cloud Computing Survey Results Organizations are at a crossroads in terms of trying to squeak out cost savings without creating additional risk, regulatory non-compliance, or legal issues. With an ever increasing amount of data and the harm that is possible from improper use or disclosure of Big Data, the big question that everyone is asking is, “what can be done to ensure that my organization’s data remains secure, confidential, and available in the outsourcing relationship?” Learn what is the future of outsourcing and Big Data, and how customers and vendors can work together to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of an organization’s Big Data so that no one loses sleep, and the interplay of Big Data in the outsourcing relationship.  More »

 Professional Membership Required How Do Capabilities and Governance Mechanisms Influence Outsourcing Performance? This session features the selected paper from the North America Academic Outsourcing Workshop. Presented with workshop host, ISG, this research investigated the influence of capabilities and governance mechanisms on outsourcing performance. Research on ITO and BPO has consistently found that firm capabilities and governance mechanisms (contractual and relational) are key determinants of outsourcing performance. This study provides two implications for outsourcing practitioners. Hear what those implications are in this info-packed session.   More »

 Professional Membership Required State of the Knowledge Process Outsourcing Industry The State of the Knowledge Process Outsourcing Industry – 1) who the players are, 2) how KPO contracting and vendor management are different than other forms of outsourcing and 3) how companies are approaching KPO.  More »

 Professional Membership Required The Outsourced Enterprise ~ Realities & Trends, Challenges & Opportunities A meeting of the IAOP Brussels Chapter, chaired by Quint Wellington Redwood, Vodafone - Libertel The Netherlands and LivIT, was held on June 4, 2013 at CapGemini’s offices.  More »

 Professional Membership Required Engaging Generation Y: GoDaddy – a Case Study Join this session to understand the strategy behind the partnership between GoDaddy and ISS. Gain insight into how to design an outsourcing program of non-core competencies that supports and enables the work culture of a millennial generation and enhances its ability to attract, retain and motivate the productivity of this generation’s future leaders. When outsourcing non-core services of a technology company there has to be a strategy in place to secure a relational and extremely flexible service delivery to a new generation of young employees.  More »

 Professional Membership Required How to Live with Outsourcing In this session, you will get a practical and unvarnished view of the highs, lows, successes and setbacks of BPO efforts from the leader of the F&A and HR outsourcing transformations at McGraw Hill. The discussion will focus on the outsourcing journey post contract award through transition and transformation, with attendees obtaining insights that will help them navigate their own outsourcing efforts with eyes wide open  More »

 Professional Membership Required Hunting Mice While the Elephants Run Wild One of the most common traps we have seen large enterprises fall into is the myth that they first need to instill basic procurement hygiene before addressing the management of strategic suppliers. This typically plays out in the form of focusing on core procurement processes, people, data quality and pre-signature technology. By its very nature, this classic strategy involves treating the strategic suppliers equally just like any other supplier. In reality, however, this small subset of the supply base which concentrates a very large percentage of the dollar spend, is where the majority of the value leakage occurs and seldom gets the necessary attention. In this session SirionLabs will foreground the importance of managing the strategic supply base alongside the broader supply base and talk specifically about the global best practices that have emerged in this space over the past decade at the level of processes, tools and practices within the world’s best managed enterprises.  More »

 Professional Membership Required State of the Industry Jag is back with the exciting results of IAOP’s State of the Industry survey, produced with the support of ISG. Hearwhat the data from the largest industry survey says about trends, understand what this means for you now and learnhow to not only be prepared for, but get ahead of the next big thing.  More »

 Professional Membership Required Best Practices in Outsourcing: The Case of Microsoft A GEO case study from The 2015 Outsourcing World Summit.  More »

 Professional Membership Required Innovation in Outsourcing: The Case of Boston Scientific This case study was prepared based on the submission by Boston Scientific for the 2015 GEO Award and interviews with representatives from Boston Scientific.  More »

 Associate Membership Required A View from the C-Suite: Emerging Technology Megatrends: The Role of GBS in Driving Enterprise Transformation and Dealing with the Challenges Faced by Large Organisations How do you stay ahead of the curve? Hear from Scott Singer on emerging technology megatrends that require a new paradigm in operation and thinking and dealing with the many challenges faced by large organizations in making that shift.  More »

 Professional Membership Required IAOP Outsourcing Talent Survey 2015 A look at the evolution of outsourcing as a profession, critical challenges facing the field, and compensation trends for outsourcing professionals. The Americas • Europe • Africa • Asia • Australia / Oceania  More »

Professional Membership Required Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge (Version 10): The Standards This publication is an extract of the OPBOK showing The Standards.  More »

Professional Membership Required Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge (OPBOK) A cohesive and comprehensive outline of the commonly accepted practices and skills required to ensure outsourcing success.  More »

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