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San Francisco Chapter Co-Chair

San Francisco Chapter Co-Chair

People Matter, Results Count.

People Matter, Results Count.

Experience. We make it easy.

Experience. We make it easy.


IAOP Training for Organizations and Individuals

IAOP, either by developing its own or in conjunction with a Certification & Professional Development Partner brings a vast array of educational opportunities to the outsourcing community. While some lead to professional certifications, others give both the individual and the corporation a broader knowledge of the end-to-end standards, practices and processes that define a successful outsourcing relationship.

Training from IAOP comes in the form of learning webinars, educational conferences, forums and chapter presentations, live classes taught by IAOP Authorized Trainers, online self-study courses, and courses delivered by one of our many Certification & Professional Development Partners.

"Today's banking environment is becoming increasingly competitive and banking regulators are more adamant about imposing strict guidelines to govern outsourcing engagements. To this end, I wanted a solid best-practice foundation from which to tie my hands-on outsourcing experience; I have gained this through IAOP and my certification. my COP experience is being applied to create a robust, effective and repeatable framework for outsourcing. This is a key step in managing outsourcing risk and maturing the outsourcing discipline for my organization. Bonny Boonyanurak, COP, VP, Project Manager- Union Bank

Corporate Training Options 

If you’re looking to develop an outsourcing center of excellence staffed with trained and certified professionals in your firm, then bringing the Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) program company-wide may be the answer.

In addition to COP Master Class training at the individual level, IAOP also offers several opportunities at the corporate level, Whether you are interested in training for a few or many employees within your organization, IAOP packages elements of certification and training to suit your needs and budgets. Training and certification through IAOP reflects the highest industry standards and achievement  criteria, and are the de facto programs recognized by customers, providers and advisors of outsourcing services. 

"So it is important that we build on our reputation as an outsourcing expert and a company that can outsource, that can consult and advise our customers on sound outsourcing practices.  Now in order to do that, we feel that it is important that our people get an external accreditation in a program that is recognized in the industry as one of the best programs in terms of working with outsourcing practices.  And, IAOP’s program as it has been tested at ISS, has been tested as sort of an international profile, other referenced customers have been through the program, and it is a very highly recognized program.  So, we feel that this is the right partner for us, that this is the right program, getting people from our various organizations enrolled in this program, and being able to carry on that dialogue locally is enormously important for us."  -  Peter Ankerstjerne, ISS Group marketing Director, Business Development and Group Marketing

“The COP program was selected due to its global recognition and application across all of our outsourcing practices, “says Rolf Kleiner, Sr Vice President, KellyOCG. “This will help reinforce thought leadership, credibility and our knowledge of the outsourcing marketplace.”

Find out more about IAOP's organizational training options and receive comprehensive learning on the end-to-end process of outsourcing.


Individual Training Options

With the outsourcing industry becoming a growing profession it is important for organizations to hire those who understand the end-to-end process of outsourcing. They need to have confidence in their employees that they fully understand how to successfully design, implement and manage outsourcing projects. Some organizations even request the Certified Outsourcing Professional designation during the hiring process. 

IAOP has developed state of the art trainings to ensure outsourcing executives deliver the expected results, such as the COP Master Class and the Outsourcing Governance Workshop. Learn more about how IAOP's training for individuals can benefit your outsourcing career

IAOP is proud to have all of our certifications and trainings approved by and listed with CareerOneStop which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. IAOP certifications are listed in the online directory, Certification Finder.  IAOP is included as a Workforce Eligible Training Provider (ELT), which is established in compliance with Title 1 of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998 to present a broad and diverse selection of training choices to support employment goals of individuals.  WIA funding for full or partial reimbursement of training, education or certification is administered and approved at the state level and varies by needs of each individual, who must apply at their local OneStop Center.

WIA services and funding are available to job seekers, laid off workers, youth, incumbent workers, new entrants to the workforce, veterans, persons with disabilities and employers.


Discounts, in house delivery and bulk-purchase options are available to IAOP members on all of its corporate and professional development programs.   For more information, email sales@iaop.org.  

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