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Neo Group - |Risk Monitoring |Governance |Advisory

Neo Group - |Risk Monitoring |Governance |Advisory

Global Solutions.  Local Strengths.

Global Solutions. Local Strengths.

HP Business Process Services

HP Business Process Services

We provide CWO, RPO, & many other BPO solutions

We provide CWO, RPO, & many other BPO solutions


About IAOP

IAOP® is the global, standard-setting association and advocate for outsourcing professionals and the organizations they support. With a global community of more than 120,000 members and affiliates worldwide, IAOP is the leading professional association for organizations and individuals involved in transforming the world of business through sourcing.

85% of IAOP members credit IAOP for improved outsourcing outcomes at their organizations and 93% of IAOP’s COPs say that the designation has had a positive impact on their careers.

IAOP is supported by senior leaders around the world and their executives, managers and professionals who share the vision and expertise it takes to design, implement and manage their company’s global corporate ecosystem.  


Improving Outsourcing Outcomes by Connecting You to the Resources You Need

At IAOP, we believe that the best way to improve outsourcing outcomes is to tap the collective knowledge and insights of its practitioners the global community of outsourcing professionals. Wherever they are and whether they work at customer, provider or advisory organizations, these professionals share a common desire to achieve great business outcomes and to do so at the lowest possible cost and risk. IAOP also recognizes that every organization is different with its own unique needs and goals.  As a result, IAOP has adopted a global leadership structure and has tailored a wide array of services to fit your individual needs.

IAOP is one of the very few organizations that positively impacts the outsourcing space for users, consultants and providers.  - HOV Services, LLC

For more information, email memberservices@IAOP.org.

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