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Outsourcing Governance Vendor Management ITIL

Outsourcing Governance Vendor Management ITIL

iEnergizer Business Process Outsourcing Services

iEnergizer Business Process Outsourcing Services

#1 Ranked Customer Experience Management Provider

#1 Ranked Customer Experience Management Provider


Certified Outsourcing Professional® (COP) Master Class:

A Comprehensive Learning Experience for Improved Outsourcing Outcomes

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Outsourcing Professional Course Catalog (OPCC)


The Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) Master Class is an integral part of Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) Program.  It provides outsourcing professionals – whether they work as customers, providers, or advisors – with an intensive learning experience on the state-of-the-art end-to-end process for outsourcing success.  Individuals who complete the course will not only earn 75 points toward their COP designation but will immediately be able to improve outsourcing outcomes at the organizations with which they work.

The class is organized with 4 teaching components – core content, group discussions and activities, expert insight, and applying the content and is designed to engage course participants and connect with three primary learning preferences: Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic.  The
COP Master Class curriculum is comprised of the 10 standard categories, 49 specific standards, and 92 elements of the standards.


What Master Class Attendees are Saying:

"The standardization and structure that IAOP has created and has been presented to me this week is just what this industry needs. Get on board with it or you're going to get left behind."
-Ramiza Sipilovic, Manger, Customer Service International Service Network Partners, American Express

"Today I saw the best presentation on transition I've ever seen."
-Mauricio Velasquez, Managed Services Principal, Hewlett Packard Colombia

"This class has been incredible. My only suggestion would be to make it longer so we can further tap the knowledge and expertise of the instructors, guest speakers and fellow classmates!"
-Lissy Martinez, Senior Regional Manager, American Express

The COP Master Class Offers

1) A comprehensive learning experience that prepares an individual to successfully lead most outsourcing initiatives

2) The opportunity to work with seasoned veterans to develop a customized outsourcing project plan for an actual project

3) State-of-the-art insights into the latest industry and deal trends

4) Extensive networking opportunities with professionals from a wide-range of industries and professional disciplines
5) 75 points toward achieving
COP status

6) The opportunity to synthesize the latest management thinking on outsourcing into actionable project steps

7) Insights gained from hundreds of actual engagements at companies from all around the world

8) Comprehensive coverage of The Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge (OPBOK)

9) Step-by-step coverage of the Outsourcing Professional Standards

10)  Expert guidance from faculty who are themselves COPs as well as invited expert practitioners currently working in the field


Online Version– developed by IAOP and Academic Alliance Partner, Syracuse University, the COP Master Class is available online!  Details...

September 28-October 2, 2009
La Jolla, California, USA

Executive Learning Center

at Estancia La Jolla



December 7-11, 2009

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Paul J Rizzo Conference Center



Package includes:

COP Master Class

Governance Workshop

Online Exam Prep

IAOP Professional Member*

*IAOP Corporate Members can save an additional $500 off Professional Member price! To find out how contact your account executive or sales@outsourcingprofessional.org

*Offer extended! Register for class bundle by October 15 and receive the COP Application FREE!

IAOP Professional Member*


*IAOP Corporate Members can save an additional $500 off Professional Member price! To find out how contact your account executive or sales@outsourcingprofessional.org


Outsourcing Governance Workshop Full day intensive- add it here

October 8-11, 2009

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hotel Cititel-Mid Valley


To register for the Malaysia Master Class please email
Bobby Varanasi, COP and authorized IAOP instructor.  Almost sold out, act now for a seat!

All global COP Master Classes are taught in English.  Attendance is limited to 20 students per class.

COP Master Class Course Syllabus


Outsourcing as a Management Practice

A working definition of outsourcing. Business drivers and anticipated benefits. The offshore advantage.

The Executive Mindset

How C-level execs view outsourcing. Setting policy and practices. Designing and deploying a management system that supports outsourcing. Role of the outsourcing professional.  

Managing Outsourcing as a Business Process

A 5-stage approach to outsourcing. Stage gates, decision makers, and process timelines. Overcoming internal resistance to change. Mapping the organization and its opportunities.

Making the Strategic Decisions

Outsourcing for competitive advantage. Developing the optimal decision matrix. Scoping and prioritizing opportunities. A comprehensive framework for risk analysis. Identifying regulatory impacts.


Creating and Leading Project Teams

Picking the right team for each stage of the outsourcing process. Assembling and leading the team.

Opportunity Assessment

Critical business measures of success. Baselining current performance and costs. Assessing maturity of the provider marketplace.  Scorecarding desired outcomes. Assessing organizational readiness.

Bringing Customers and Providers Together

Identifying and pre-qualifying potential providers.  Developing a request for proposals (RFP). Collaborative approaches to solution development.

Selecting Outsourcing Service Providers

The competencies, capabilities, and relationship dynamics approach. Managing the selection process.  Building consensus around a scoring system.


A Financial Model for Value Capture

Capturing the total financial picture. Forecasting future volumes, costs, and benefits. Projecting planning, transition, and oversight costs. Getting to the optimal pricing model and price-point.

The Ins and Outs of Outsourcing Contracts

Structuring the outsourcing contract.  Setting the terms of the agreement. Documenting the scope of services, standards of performance, and how they’re measured. Building in change management.

Value-Based Negotiating

Keeping the interests of all parties in focus. Managing an effective negotiating process. How to negotiate the best deal without wrecking the relationship.

Empowering People through Outsourcing

Making the case for change. Developing an end-to-end employee transition program. Assessing and managing community and press reactions.


Transitioning for Long-Term Success

Developing an effective transition plan.  Keeping everyone on track while ramping up. Operationalizing the management structure. Dealing with the unexpected.

Governance: Making Outsourcing Relationships Work

Designing organizational links up, down, and across the business. The role of the project management office. Making interdependent planning a reality. Measuring progress, moving forward.  The critical link from governance back to strategy.

All of the course content is based on the Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge (OPBOK) and Outsourcing Professional Standards, developed by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (
IAOP) and the Outsourcing Standards Board.

Faculty varies by class offering and includes:

Darren M. Dasburg, P.E., MBA, Managing Partner, Cinteger LLC, and former senior executive with extensive outsourcing experience across multiple industries.

Jag Dalal, COP and IAOP’s Managing Director of Thought Leadership

Anibal Garcia,
COP and Sourcing Practice Leader at Quint Wellington Redwood

Eus Pontenagel, COP and International Business Development at Quint Wellington Redwood

Guest Lecturers from some of the world’s most successful customer and advisory firms, such as, American Express,
Bell Canada, Booz Allen Hamilton, CBRE, Kirkland & Ellis, neoIT, PA Consulting, PwC and Procter & Gamble present their real-world experiences.

Please note that the course fee includes all course materials, classroom and small group sessions, breakfast, lunch and scheduled dinners. It does not include room charges, travel and other personal expenses.

Questions?  Email Courtney Giardina, the Professional Development Coordinator or call 845.452.0600 ext. 123.

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