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Risk Monitoring |Governance |Advisory

Risk Monitoring |Governance |Advisory




Customer Corporate Membership

IAOP is pleased to offer several Customer Corporate Membership options, each tailored to meet an organization's specific needs:

  1. Standard Membership - This membership provides a cross-section of benefits that includes the Outsourcing World Summit seats, thought-leadership positioning and more.
  2. Summit Membership - This membership includes an additional two (2) Outsourcing World Summit passes at a substantial discount.
  3. Training & Certification Membership - For those organizations interested mainly in education, this membership includes training for ten team members at your location.

Customer Corporate Membership is for organizations that are currently outsourcing or are considering outsourcing. This membership provides organization-wide access to the association’s research, training, certification and networking programs — all designed to help companies achieve better business results through outsourcing.

Questions? Email sales@iaop.org or click here to request additional information on IAOP Membership.

To protect the privacy and business interests of all members, IAOP maintains a strict non-solicitation policy.


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