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Pent-optimism Will Lead to a Bust-Loose Second Half of ’21
Everest Group Research Demonstrates Resiliency of Industry and Bright Outlook  

In opening OWS21, IAOP CEO Debi Hamill noted, “we are nothing, if not resilient.” 

And the latest findings presented by research partner, Everest Group on the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy demonstrated our industry’s ability to withstand the ups and downs of the past year. As further testimony of the constant need to adapt to change, Michel Janssen, Chief Research Officer, Everest Group, made his video keynote presentation from Dallas, Texas, during historic winter ice storms that left him without regular power.   




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OWS21: The IAOP Community Prevailed
A Message from IAOP’s CEO, Debi Hamill


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 Public Article There’s No Better Time than Now to Accelerate Digital Adoption in CXM | As organizations responded to the social distancing and lockdown measures due to COVID-19, customer experience was severely disrupted in many sectors. More than a year later, buyers and service providers have successfully navigated through these challenges and are accelerating their digital transformation journeys both in preparation for economic recovery and to be more resilient in case of future disruptions. Despite a slight dip in 2020, the global customer experience management (CXM) services or contact center operations (CCO) market has recovered, and digital CXM is growing quickly. Service providers are investing heavily in building digital capabilities and partnering with their clients to deliver business value through improved customer experience. In this webinar replay, our experts address the following questions: What is digital CXM? What changes are expected for CXM operating models? How are adoption drivers evolving for CXM/CCO? What key trends are shaping the CXM/CCO service provider landscape? How are CXM/CCO service providers delivering value through digital transformation? More »

 Public Article eCommerce & Retail Case Study | Increased CX by Developing Incentive Compensation Management & Improving Quality Assurance The client is one of the largest Egyptian online malls with more than 70k products with the widest assortment at unbeatable prices, 2.5M subscribers across Egypt, 2M monthly visitors, and is considered the number 1 eCommerce & retail website in Egypt. The company has established its presence across 22 countries in Africa. In Egypt, the site usually has 75-130 agents working, depending on the season, who support both English and Arabic languages. The volume of transactions ranges from 60k to 130k, depending on the season as well. More »

 Public Article Banking Vertical Case Study | Root Analysis & Best Practices to Uplift Low C-SAT in 4 Months The client is one of Egypt’s largest banks in terms of assets, deposits, loans, bank-capital, number of total branches, and employees. It was founded in 1920 and owns and operates more than 500 electronically connected local branches, including 5 branches in the United Arab Emirates, one in France, in addition to regional and global existence in Lebanon, Germany, and a worldwide network of correspondents. More »

 Public Article Procurement – the challenges and its changing role | In this series, Greg Bateup (Head of Digital Procurement Services, Capgemini’s Business Services) gives real-world examples on how making frictionless procurement a reality within your organization brings about a range of tangible benefits to sustain and further capitalize on your digital investment. More »

 Public Article Capgeminis-Vision-to-Create-Frictionless-Enterprise-Operations | HFS’ Phil Fersht (CEO and Chief Analyst) – and his team of analysts – spoke to Anis Chenchah (CEO, Capgemini’s Business Services) and his leadership team to learn how Capgemini is applying its Frictionless Enterprise approach to achieve the goal of delivering frictionless business operations for its clients. In this paper you will learn how Capgemini is applying an emerging-technology-focused approach to its outlook and messaging for business services. Backed by data from Global 2000 enterprise executives, the paper also explores the priorities, “have-to-have” capabilities, and outlook for successful partnerships in the market today. More »

Free Associate Membership Required Impact Sourcing Webinar with IAOP's Global Impact Sourcing Award Winners: Intuit, Samasource, RuralShores, Harambee and GISC | IAOP believes that Impact Sourcing is an important means for the outsourcing industry to contribute to both business and social benefits, as well as to the economic development of regions we source from. Attendees had a front-row seat to a presentation given by our 2019 Global Impact Sourcing Award Winners, including speakers from Intuit, Samasource, RuralShores, and Harambee, who shared the what, how and why of their Impact Sourcing journey and programs.   This was followed by a presentation by Sara Enright, Program Director, Global Impact Sourcing Coalition, offering an update on this global effort to advance Impact Sourcing as a business best practice, and advice on how your organization can get started or scale up your Impact Sourcing initiatives in collaboration with peers.  More »


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