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Free Associate Membership Required PULSE Magazine | IAOP's e-zine takes you deep into outsourcing with the latest ideas, advice, knowledge, and best practices, and turns the conventional upside down with stories designed to engage, inspire and challenge you. With editorial content from the leading thinkers and doers in the outsourcing industry, you’ll have the know-how, tools and resources to succeed as a new professional in today’s global economy. More »


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 Public Article Intelligent process automation – shortening the downward curve | Enhancing your business operations with a digitally augmented workforce and automated, end-to-end processes can lead to a more resilient business that is fit and ready for the “next normal. More »

 Public Article COVID-19 and the supply chain | Until the world emerges from the pandemic, we won’t know what supply chain implications will be. The best we can do is be prepared with smart, flexible, and frictionless processes to adapt to whatever the new normal demands of us. More »

 Public Article Changing HR helpdesk trends under COVID-19 | HR helpdesk trends are a great place to observe human behavior in the workplace as the events of COVID-19 unfold. What lessons can be learned from what we’re observing that helps us to design our HR helpdesks better and cater to the needs of our people in a more employee-centric manner? More »

 Public Article Journey 2024 - Future Vision - Redefining Enterprise Purpose | Explore the forces that will shape digital enterprise over the next four years. Welcome to the Atos Journey 2024 thought leadership report – our vision for the evolving world of Business, Society and Technology. As we are entering the Post-COVID era and facing the collective impact of significant developments and uncertainties – whether it’s the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), the practical applications of Quantum Computing, or the growing imperative to address climate change and sustainable living – the emerging opportunities and challenges are driving the need to rethink what’s at stake and how we respond. We hope the report will stimulate and challenge your thinking about the forces that will shape enterprises over the next four years. More »

 Public Article What the world will look like after the COVID-19 crisis | This report anticipates what the world will look like after the COVID-19 crisis, since some deep and long-lasting changes are expected as we approach a “new normal”. It is the result of work by experts from our Atos Scientific Community, who have been actively analyzing the topic since the early days of the crisis. More »

 Public Article Content Intelligence: For the Future of Work | This IDC White Paper explores content intelligence (CI or “content IQ”) and the role that it plays in driving and scaling digital transformation. The document investigates the priorities, challenges, and benefits associated with content intelligence and reviews how organizations are executing digital transformation initiatives today and planning for the future. Finally, this document delves into what the future holds for automation and the new age of the digital worker. More »

 Public Article Digital Vision: Ethics | The Atos Digital Vision series aims to provide an engaging and informed view of the opportunities brought about by digital technology. This global opinion paper explores how embedding ethical reflection into the design of digital technologies can lead to genuine benefits for customers and citizens by helping to address their legitimate concerns about their wider impact, today and into the future. This paper contains multiple articles on the following topics: Ethics in the Digital Landscape Business Challenges People at the Forefront Ethical Business in Practice More »

 Public Article State of Process Mining and Robotic Process Automation | This report investigates the priorities, challenges, and benefits associated with process mining and how deploying robotic process automation (RPA) will impact how organizations plan for the future. The participants were asked to evaluate how rigorously processes in their business are followed, how far along they are in their automation projects, and the drivers for automating their processes. More »

 Public Article Smart Lockers Deliver a Safe Solution During COVID-19 | As the world adjusts to the new realities brought on by COVID-19, smart locker technologies that provide touch-free package delivery is growing as a solution for retailers, universities and corporations to protect their consumers, clients and employees. Recent research finds that Buy Online, Pick up in Store (BOPIS) is being embraced by 62 percent of consumers as a way to reduce exposure to the coronavirus, according to a survey conducted by SaaS provider Qudini.       More »

 Public Article Corporate Resilience: Practical Approaches and New Management Mindsets | Executive leaders across the global business community have quickly addressed the immediate needs of their organizations related to the COVID-19 crisis. Work-from-home is in place, productivity has reached near normal levels, and other immediate employee and client concerns are addressed. Now, as a result of the crisis, leaders face the opportunity to implement – and accelerate – visions that will future-proof and re-imagine their operating models and businesses. In this webinar, we share our collective insights on ways leaders can approach the opportunity ahead of them, which we’ve deemed “the great unsticking of new ideas,” and the technology that will help them realize breakthrough changes for the next normal. More »

 Free Associate Membership Required Accelerated Intelligent Automation in Enterprises | Enterprises’ adoption of Intelligent Automation (IA) technologies has been increasing steadily over the past few years, realizing significant cost savings and efficiency improvements. However, the time it takes to achieve these results is relatively long, given the dynamic and ever-increasing pace of business today. In this paper, we recommend an approach called Accelerated Intelligent Automation (AIA), which leverages automation accelerators to fast-track enterprises’ IA journeys and help them achieve breakeven on their investments much more quickly. Enterprises should look for these accelerator capabilities when choosing their automation tools and leverage these optimally in their automation journeys. More »

 Free Associate Membership Required Practitioner Perspectives - Mastering Efficiency and Innovation with Intelligent Automation | Over the last few years, Intelligent Automation (IA) has emerged as a tool to achieve operational excellence and process optimization. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which constitute IA, promise to deliver significant business impact, but it is imperative for enterprises to follow the right adoption approach to unlock maximum benefit. More »

 Free Associate Membership Required Blockchain Platform Case Study | A Blockchain Platform for Scientific & Academic Research ???????ARTiFACTS is a unique web-based platform, which is purpose-built to enrich the scholarly record by enabling transactions and recording existence and attribution with linkages across all research artifacts. Main functions are the management of research projects, securing the provenance of research evidence, making hidden data accessible. The aim was to create a platform for researchers that removes barriers which delay the communication of results and gives scientists formal recognition. More »

 Free Associate Membership Required Online Food Service Delivery Case Study | Online Food Service Deliery The client is one of the largest online food ordering and delivery marketplace in Europe, being an Uber partner for the region. It offers mobile and web applications that allow ordering of food from local cafes and restaurants in different cities. The client wanted to reinforce the internal development team and enhance the web part, following the project requirements. Project challenges included: Third-party integration - Maintain integration and interaction of the system with the third-party APIs of partners and ensure stable performance. High-load - Ensure the system’s high load and integrate it with the mobile application. System’s structurization - Adaptation of the partner systems structures and the cycle of the existing platform providing proper statistics and reporting. More »

 Free Associate Membership Required Automated Document Processing Pipeline | Performance Matters. The Scribe Fusion technology allows for the processing of large volumes of paper documents with a mixture of OCR/ICR and artificial intelligence to interpret documents in much the same way humans do. This novel approach has led to drastic improvements in the data capture accuracy rates and scalability. We’re sharing a 5-part series to uncover the challenges that we have helped our clients overcome, and the results that were seen. More »


Public Article Public Article Free Associate Membership Required Free Associate Membership Required Professional Membership Required Professional Membership Required
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