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 Public Article PULSE Magazine | IAOP's e-zine takes you deep into outsourcing with the latest ideas, advice, knowledge, and best practices, and turns the conventional upside down with stories designed to engage, inspire and challenge you. With editorial content from the leading thinkers and doers in the outsourcing industry, you’ll have the know-how, tools and resources to succeed as a new professional in today’s global economy. More »


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 Associate Membership Required How to Make Business Innovation Become Routine | The success of modern enterprises depends on their ability to transform according to the current technological trends. For many reasons, sometimes it’s not easy to update your business processes. Here is when outsourcing of innovations can become a proper solution. More »

 Associate Membership Required The Win-Win Outsourcing Formula | The value that outsourcing BPOs can add to their partners and the competitive market where customers became more selective to the partner who gives the best value. More »

 Associate Membership Required Leveraging analytics in Telecom | Presenting a valid business case for leveraging the power of predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics in the telecom sector to derive meaningful and actionable insights that will help management in taking well-informed decisions that will drive business forward. More »

 Associate Membership Required Cloud Migration | As enterprises and governments move to the cloud, many executives are wrestling with the transition from on premise packaged applications to cloud sed solutions. Getting the approach right goes a long way to ensure a successful transition to the cloud. Most organizations are already aware of the benefits of switching from ‘on premise’ or packaged software to SAAS (Software as a Service) models. Besides lowering costs, the cloud offers seamless user experience, instant access to new markets and helps build a global customer base. As organizations attempt to transition to cloud or need to upgrade their existing SAAS applications to leverage the new cloud architectures, they come across a number of challenges. More »

 Associate Membership Required Analytics in Healthcare | Presenting an approach that envisages applying machine learning and advanced data analytics to electronic health records and doctor/nurse text notes to predict possible hospital re-admission cases, enabling hospitals to minimize instances of re-admission and avoid punitive levies. More »

 Associate Membership Required Moving from Projects to Products | In this thought paper, we discuss the importance of a product mindset and how that informs decisions across the company by collapsing boundaries and bringing people together from all parts of the company to focus on delivering exceptional products versus serving functions or projects, including the six capability areas necessary to embed a product culture. More »

 Associate Membership Required Effectively Managing Remote Teams | This white paper helps managers with tips and solutions to manage remote teams effectively, creating positive results through productivity and camaraderie. More »

 Associate Membership Required Automate Outsourcing Governance | Large corporations have been using outsourcing as a business transformation tool for decades. Although the service delivery is transferred to the vendor, the accountability remains with the client organization to ensure risks are managed, and the promised value is delivered. This is where Outsourcing Governance teams come into the picture. Organizations have performed outsourcing governance in silos and mostly manually. The outsourcing governance teams are usually understaffed and lack the tools to manage the engagements effectively. This fragmented and completely manual approach results in significant loss of the value expected from outsourcing engagments. What organizations need is a tool that can automate the outsourcing governance function and help maximize value. More »

 Associate Membership Required 2019 Impact Sourcing Webinar | IAOP believes that Impact Sourcing is an important means for the outsourcing industry to contribute to both business and social benefits, as well as to the economic development of regions we source from. Attendees had a front-row seat to a presentation given by our 2019 Global Impact Sourcing Award Winners, including speakers from Intuit, Samasource, RuralShores, and Harambee, who shared the what, how and why of their Impact Sourcing journey and programs.   This was followed by a presentation by Sara Enright, Program Director, Global Impact Sourcing Coalition, offering an update on this global effort to advance Impact Sourcing as a business best practice, and advice on how your organization can get started or scale up your Impact Sourcing initiatives in collaboration with peers.  More »

 Associate Membership Required Sourcing Digital: 3 Core Viewpoints for Enterprise Buyers | Digital adoption is changing the services marketplace – and procurement and sourcing teams must understand the many implications. With their potential to improve both customers’ and employees’ experiences, digital platforms are quickly becoming today’s lead outsourcing value drivers. In addition to shifting the value proposition, these new platforms are changing the vendor landscape. Behind the buzz around AI, analytic platforms, customer interactions, and RPA is the big question: How should you buy it? In parts and components? Layers and bundles? Whole box? More »

 Associate Membership Required Process Mining – The New Juggernaut Driving Digital Transformation | For decades, organizations have focused on efficiency, leveraging process optimization techniques to achieve it. Today, the focus has moved beyond efficiency to business value generation, and it is with business value in mind that leading organizations frequently review their performance to identify opportunities for change and improvement. Process automation, using technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), is driving the need for process reviews and optimization, in turn fueling demand for process intelligence and insights. Unsurprisingly, more and more organizations are increasingly turning to a related yet different process intelligence technology, called Process Mining (PM). More »

 Associate Membership Required Does your enterprise have the right IoT DNA | Paradign Shifts in Enterprise IoT Adoption. Enterprise are being impacted along 4 dimensions: namely people, technology, ecosystem and transformative business models as a consequence of IoT adoption. More »

 Associate Membership Required Rethinking your global engineering strategy | What is Global Engineering 2.0? The strategic and systematic approach that enables the rebalancing of an organization's R&D footprint to support the business objectives while enabling the organization to invest in new areas. More »

 Associate Membership Required Global Engineering 2.0 | What do the likes of GE, 3M, Pepisco, IBM, Boeing, and P&G have in common? These companies are among the coveted 50 that have been featured in all editions of Fortune 500 (1955-till date). We examined the patterns that are consistent across these companies, and one key factor that emerged clearly was their razor-sharp focus on continuous innovation. It’s no surprise then that innovation is a key corporate agenda and many global companies are spending as much as 15% of their revenues on innovation. Despite innovation being a significant organization priority, a key challenge remains: ensuring that R&D organizations are not flying blind and are structured in line with the company’s business goals, given the complex business environment they operate in. More »

 Associate Membership Required Is Your Shared Services Strategy Future Ready? 5 Differentiating Talent Capabilities | As the accelerating pace of technology disruption impacts every area of the business, it’s vital for in-house delivery centers to get their talent strategies right. Some delivery centers are ahead of the curve, adapting with these changes and even assisting their parent organizations to adjust to the changing talent model. This content will help senior enterprise executives to understand how different elements of their talent strategy can enhance their delivery centers’ future readiness. More »


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