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Dare to Challenge

Dare to Challenge

End-to-end advisory solutions

End-to-end advisory solutions

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HR Embraces RPA Solutions

Julie Fernandez, Partner, ISG and Thomas Helfrich, Senior Director, ISG discuss views into the current state of the market and how HR organizations are introducing RPA to optimize recruiting, payroll, employee data changes, and more. 

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 Professional Membership Required Scaling Artificial Intelligence Adoption – A Practical IT Guidebook Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now at the cusp of mainstream enterprise adoption, given a significant number of successful initiatives undertaken by proponents of AI including enterprises, service providers, and technology players. The AI adoption journey is set to fundamentally redefine the role of IT. The IT function will need to work closely with business to establish itself as an enabler, a governor, and the eventual flag bearer for enterprise AI initiatives. Cross-pollination of skills and responsibilities will lead to extensive blurring of lines between business and IT in the long run – an impending change that IT function needs to brace for.  More »

 Professional Membership Required Reimagining the Employee Experience in the Age of Artificial Intelligence In this era of digital disruption, attracting and retaining customers through enhanced Customer Experience (CX) practices are top of mind with corporate leadership. But what about Employee Experience (EX)? Higher employee satisfaction certainly results in a motivated and efficient workforce, which directly impacts the quality of customer experience. The key to achieve this impact is to look at enhancing the experience of all employees including those in customer-facing roles as well as those in middle- and back-office functions (Ex: HR, IT, Finance), as these roles are just as important to the customer experience lifecycle.  More »

Professional Membership Required State of the Industry 2017: IAOP’s Annual Member Survey Jag and Todd are back with first hand results of this year’s survey including findings from the European survey, produced with the support of ISG. See what the data from the largest industry survey says about trends, understand what this means for you now and learn how to not only be prepared for, but get ahead of the next big thing.  More »

 Public Article PULSE Magazine IAOP's e-zine takes you deep into outsourcing with the latest ideas, advice, knowledge, and best practices, and turns the conventional upside down with stories designed to engage, inspire and challenge you. With editorial content from the leading thinkers and doers in the outsourcing industry, you’ll have the know-how, tools and resources to succeed as a new professional in today’s global economy.  More »

Associate Membership Required Talent and Sourcing in an Era of Disruption Following the 2016 U.S. presidential election, increased focus has been placed on U.S. companies that leverage offshore talent, as well as the associated impact of offshoring on the U.S. economy.  More »

 Associate Membership Required EOS18 Presentations Presentations from EOS18  More »

 Professional Membership Required CCO Market Consolidation Big ticket M&A deals in the contact center space are grabbing the headlines. Closely following the recent news of Teleperformance’s acquisition of Intelenet, SYNNEX Corporation announced its acquisition of Convergys with the intent of integrating it with Concentrix. Going by the general perception of a mature, commoditized, and fragmented market, the conventional wisdom is scale is king, and bigger is better – and, therefore, consolidation would be expected. But there is much more happening in the CCO market than meets the eye.  More »

 Professional Membership Required Omni-Channel Customer Engagement: Inspiring Loyalty by Driving Great Customer Experiences If you own a business or head the marketing department of any organization, you will know the hard work and resources that go into building digital assets.  More »

 Professional Membership Required Addressing privacy erosion: the only good time to fight fire with fire If you own a business or head the marketing department of any organization, you will know the hard work and resources that go into building digital assets.  More »

 Associate Membership Required Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Chatbots - White Paper Over 33,000 messenger chatbots have been developed since April 2016, with over half of web users relying on instant messaging every day. Messaging and chatbots are inarguable solutions for creating a simplified customer journey and experience. This whitepaper provides the various tools for understanding and developing chatbots in order to effectively engage in this new conversational experience.  More »

 Professional Membership Required Preparing Seasonal and Regular Agents with Blending Learning In 2017, Learning Tribes, a venture of Sitel Group, introduced a blended onboarding and training solution for an international retail client that was struggling to prepare seasonal and regular agents during peak season. By delivering a customized blending learning program, the retailer was able to cut training time, improve agent satisfaction, and deliver over $1.1 million in annual savings.  More »

 Professional Membership Required Retail Industry Whitepaper The retail industry is ready for a revolution. Brands can no longer simple be "present" across communications and sales channels. It's no longer about brick-and-mortar retail stores or digital e-commerce websites, but about a blend of both in this "Phygital" retail era. In this White Paper, our experts will highlight the new trends in the market and point to the critical solutions for harnessing the transformation and enabling every one of you to become heavyweight contenders in your own sectors.  More »

 Professional Membership Required Reimagining Workplace Services The enterprise workplace is undergoing a profound transformation in today’s digital age. Fundamental organizational structures and talent models across industries are experiencing significant disruption.  More »

 Professional Membership Required Reimagining Enterprise IT Services Sourcing As enterprises ramp up their digital transformation initiatives, the IT Strategic Sourcing and Vendor Management (SS&VM) function faces the onerous task of establishing and orchestrating an IT services vendor portfolio that can help the enterprise navigate the proverbial IT maze and fulfill strategic business objectives. However, this is clearly easier said than done. Current enterprise satisfaction with incumbent IT service providers stands at an all-time low – 54% of all reference enterprise discussions Everest Group conducted in 2017 expressed dissatisfaction with their IT service providers.  More »

 Associate Membership Required Top 5 RPA Myths Dispelled Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is all the rage these days; however, while adoption continues to accelerate, myths persist. In this fact-based webinar deck, Everest Group dispels the five most common myths based on in-depth research into the practices of the Pinnacle (or best performing) Enterprises™.  More »

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