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Free Associate Membership Required PULSE Magazine | IAOP's e-zine takes you deep into outsourcing with the latest ideas, advice, knowledge, and best practices, and turns the conventional upside down with stories designed to engage, inspire and challenge you. With editorial content from the leading thinkers and doers in the outsourcing industry, you’ll have the know-how, tools and resources to succeed as a new professional in today’s global economy. More »


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 Public Article The COVID-19 Effect | COVID-19 fears continue to grip the world, with a growing number of people infected and dying. In addition to the human tragedy, there is also a massive impact on business. The Coronavirus Impact Index by Industry, developed by Avasant, is a look at how COVID-19 is affecting 11 major industry sectors, in four dimensions: personnel, operations, supply chain, and revenue. The result is an overall rating of the impact of the current pandemic on that industry. More »

 Free Associate Membership Required Scotland: The Growing Opportunity | Scotland has a compelling proposition for global business services operations. Many world-leading companies have chosen Scotland for access to our world-class talent, highly competitive cost base, excellent infrastructure and supportive business environment. The business services sector continues to grow in Scotland, with more than 150,000 now employed across customer experience, shared services and BPO centres. More »

 Free Associate Membership Required The Future of Talent in Quality Assurance | Enterprises are increasingly leveraging technology to improve operations, evolve business models, and ultimately enhance stakeholder experience. This technology leverage is changing the very way organizations are operating, and, consequently, expectations from IT are changing significantly as well. More »

 Free Associate Membership Required The Distributed Agile Paradox | By their very nature, the terms Distributed and Agile are seemingly incongruent as geographical and time-zone separation inhibit an agile way of working. So, how do we find ourselves in this seemingly paradoxical dilemma of Distributed Agile? More »

 Free Associate Membership Required Moving Financial Services Organizations to the Cloud | For financial institutions, the decision to migrate to the cloud is often met with hesitation due to security, compliance, performance or optimization concerns. The financial industry continues to utilize legacy IT infrastructure and brick-and-mortar delivery modules to support financial interactions to customers. After years of the status quo, financial technology companies are bringing to market innovative and user-friendly digital platforms that allow consumers to interact with their finances wherever they are, quickly, securely and easily. This has come at a time where more and more consumers are more willing to try a non-financial brand for their financial needs. More »

 Free Associate Membership Required The 5 Most Important Global Services Trends in 2020 | Global services saw dramatic shifts in 2019 across multiple areas. This webinar looks at these changes and others within the context of what lies ahead for global services, as well as likely trends for 2020 and the keys to success in the context of rising uncertainty. More »

 Free Associate Membership Required Moving from Projects to Products | It’s possible to achieve a different kind of order in product development, one that favors continuous delivery, fast and frequent feedback, and experimentation. To do this, you need to change your mindset, from project management toward product management. More »

 Free Associate Membership Required Global Services Market Pressing Issues in 2020: Enterprises’ Perspective | The Global Services Market Pressing Issues are unique reports, based on annual surveys, that capture the pulse of the market on key aspects of global sourcing industry. Everest Group interviewed senior stakeholders across enterprises in November 2019, to understand their thoughts as they underwent the planning the process for the year 2020. The findings of the survey are presented in this report. More »

 Free Associate Membership Required How Best-in-Class Organizations Manage Their Contingent Workforce | As the contingent or “alternative” workforce becomes an increasingly critical component of the overall talent strategy for most global enterprises, stakeholders are finding it extremely challenging to effectively manage. Definition and classification, visibility into the mammoth spend, and balancing conflicting internal stakeholder priorities are among the most worrisome elements. More »

Free Associate Membership Required The Wise Pivot | Disruption by digital technologies? That’s not a new story. What is new is “the wise pivot”, a pragmatic and replicable approach for harnessing disruption to survive, grow, and remain relevant, both today and tomorrow. More »

 Free Associate Membership Required Connected Workplace - The Next Experience Frontier | In this report we: explore workplace evolution and define the connected workplace concept; establish experience as the focal point of the connected workplace design and explore business value principles; explore use cases and technologies driving connected workplace adoption; and, identify enterprise imperatives for a successful connected workplace strategy. More »

Free Associate Membership Required Five Traits of Effective Digital Transformation Leadership: Key Takeaways from 500+ Senior IT Executives | What are the necessary leadership dynamics and characteristics required to take on digital transformation? Based upon insights derived from surveying over 500 senior IT leaders across the globe, we’ve identified a handful of critical qualifications required to lead successful digital transformation journeys. More »

Professional Membership Required Outsourcing Pricing: Do You Know What You Don’t Know? | The webinar covered major disruptions, the impact of geopolitical restrictions, and key commercial contract terms (nothing is taboo!), including: What are current pricing-related trends impacting both enterprises and service providers? Are there areas of variation in my commercial contracts that could lead to seemingly counter-intuitive deal pricing behavior? Are there near-term price movements that I should expect and be prepared for? What are the key outsourcing contract trends? More »

 Free Associate Membership Required Healthcare and Insurance Services Case Study | A diversified enterprise with interests in healthcare technology and insurance services - faced a challenge and an opportunity. They needed to accelerate product development and leverage vendor capabilities to benefit from industry trends such as automation and other innovative developments, while also reducing operating costs and moving employees to higher value work. Here's how it was done... More »

Free Associate Membership Required Intelligent Process Automation | Predictions for the immediate and not too distant future all point in the same direction – putting your client at the heart of all operational activities will further erode organizational silos around the front, middle, and back office, leading to the emergence of new, borderless, client-centric organizations that can optimize the way value creation is executed. More »


Public Article Public Article Free Associate Membership Required Free Associate Membership Required Professional Membership Required Professional Membership Required
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