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Date: June 13, 2019  Time: 1:00 PM Eastern

Most outsourcing transactions of significant size and complexity are managed to a successful conclusion by Advisors to the Client who create the RFP, administer the competition, evaluate the proposals, aid in the selection, and support the completion of an Agreement to launch the Client-Provider relationship. With today's active market seeing the return of large transactions, we wanted to check in with representatives of IAOP's Advisor community for a front-line view of the current state of the practice, the opportunities for innovation, the challenges of the large transaction, and the critical advice that these key outsourcing professionals would offer to the rest of us who are customers and providers.


MODERATOR: Stephen Sheahan, Client Solutions Executive, IBM

SPEAKERS: Julie Fernandez, Partner, ISG, Simon Tarsh, Managing Director, Deloitte and Nishant Verma, Principal, Avasant














  • Diana Sweetwood, Co-chair, Strategy & Operations, Deloitte
  • Mark Latham, Co-Chair, Senior Manager, Director, Sourcing Governance Office, Georgia Technology Authority
  • Darshan P. Kaur, COP, Co-Chair
  • Alan Wolfe, Co-Chair, Senior Vice President of Sales, Everest Group
  • Dina Bingham, Co-Chair, Project Executive, Account Leader, IBM
  • Thomas Helfrich, Co-Chair,  Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, CAI
  • Stephen Sheahan, Co-Chair, Client Solutions Executive, IBM







The purpose of the Greater Atlanta Area Chapter is to provide a common, open forum for Outsourcing buyers, suppliers, advisors and academia to share and learn about all aspects of Outsourcing. We will advance the knowledge of all members regarding in-sourcing, ITO and BPO; on-shore, off-shore, and near-shore; from RFI through contract renewal and renegotiation. Our open access and collaborative approach will allow us to identify opportunities and circumstances that we encounter, and share best practices to achieve success and promote innovation.

Meeting Frequency:  Quarterly  Meeting Type:  Face-to-Face, Virtual



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