A Message from IAOP’s CEO 


A Message from IAOP’s CEO During COVID-19

No one can do it alone.

Whether you are a company, professional, or an association like ours, it is impossible to survive and thrive during these times without having trusted partners.

Customers and suppliers are realizing the crucial importance of powerful alliances in this new environment. To read about the very best strategic partnerships, see our story on the first Excellence in Strategic Partnerships award winners. 

IAOP also is becoming stronger and providing greater value to our members by joining forces with other like-minded organizations around the globe. Partnerships like the one we have forged with the Global Technology & Business Services Council (GT&BSC) are more important than ever.

We are delighted to be a founding member of GT&BSC along with 11 major independent regional organizations representing the technology and business services sector in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Egypt, India, Latin America, Latvia, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, and Ukraine. Our mission is to deliver a global response to the challenges and changes brought about by the health pandemic, and present a clear vision for the future of the sector.

By coming together as colleagues, not as competing groups, we can better promote the agility and importance of this industry, showcase best practices of our member companies and the amazing talent of individuals working in these fields now, and develop our youth to fill critical roles. 

During these extraordinary times, there are extraordinary stories. 

Working in partnerships, companies around the world are ensuring key services are delivered in adverse conditions, business processes have been revamped overnight, new service offerings have been launched, and companies continue to hire. 

Impact sourcing has been such a bright light. Companies are working with providers in unprecedented ways, such as providing housing for disadvantaged workers who can’t work from home so they can do their jobs. For more, see our story on Impact Sourcing Continues During Coronavirus

It is IAOP’s honor to showcase the amazing companies working tirelessly to promote impact sourcing with our new Impact Sourcing Champions Index. This inaugural list of customers, providers and advisors celebrates impact sourcing trailblazers.    

Working for and with companies on this list provides the unique opportunity for each of us as professionals to influence the hiring practices of organizations around the world and make a social impact during a time when it is critically needed.
And it is IAOP’s hope that as we promote and recognize the incredible impact sourcing successes, more and more companies will take up the mantle and continue the positive momentum, resulting in tremendous positive change. 
I hope you will take a moment to learn more about the companies on the Impact Sourcing Champions Index. For more, see our story

I am inspired by the partnerships we at IAOP are part of and those happening all around us. It inspires me every day and fills me with great hope that our industry will emerge from these times, not just standing, but standing stronger and prouder for having done right. 

Stay safe and well, 

Debi Hamill, IAOP CEO  

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