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#1 Ranked Customer Experience Management Provider

#1 Ranked Customer Experience Management Provider

Chair of the New England Chapter

Chair of the New England Chapter

Ask a COP

Do you have questions you would like answered by a Certified Outsourcing Professional regarding achieving the COP designation? Would you like to know the benefits of obtaining the certification or the value it has brought those who hold it? 

IAOP has developed the “Ask a COP” program to give you the opportunity to learn about what’s involved in certification from the beginning stages to the overall benefits earning this designation brings.

Because they’ve been through it, COPs have a wealth of information on how the program works.  They understand the experience and knowledge requirements, the time earning the designation takes and the value they are getting from being a COP on both a personal and professional level.

That said, we’d like you to send us your questions – any questions - pertaining to the COP program and we’ll submit them to these leaders in the field. We will then post 5 of those questions with answers in each edition of IAOP’s monthly newsletter What’s Happening at IAOP.

This is a great opportunity for you to fully understand just what obtaining the COP certification entails. Take a sneak peak at what advice current COP Michael Kolm had to offer by checking out our COP Spotlight. If you would like to participate please email your questions to courtney.giardina@iaop.org

All submissions will be posted anonymously.


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