5 Outsourcing Pricing Trends in a Post-Pandemic World
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By: Everest Group

How has the pandemic impacted outsourcing pricing and what do enterprises need to know for 2021? Now is the time to reassess and adjust, but understanding the current pricing environment is the first step.

In this webinar replay/deck, Everest Group’s Michel Janssen, Chief Research Officer, Abhishek Sharma, Partner, and Ricky Sundrani, Vice President, discuss how outsourcing contracting and pricing trends have evolved as a result of the pandemic, strategies to plan for the future, and how to ensure commercial competitiveness.

The session answers the following questions: What outsourcing contracting and pricing trends have changed over the past year? How has the pandemic impacted pricing in application services, infrastructure services, and business process outsourcing (BPO) services? What are key pricing themes to keep in mind when planning for the future?

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