Establishing a Strategic Business Case for Enterprise IT Automation
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By: Everest Group

Current IT automation initiatives often focus on IT cost and productivity, rather than on comprehensive business value creation. Consequently, enterprise expectations around cost reduction tend to be highly unrealistic, leading to dissatisfaction.

Above all, IT automation strategy anchored to IT cost metrics leaves significant business value on the table. With effective prioritization, IT automation strategy, formulated as part of a broader IT modernization and business transformation strategy, has the potential to deliver breakthrough value such as superior customer experience, new revenue channels, faster time to market, and monetization of digital assets.

However, IT automation cannot be the sole driver of business outcomes. To achieve desired value, IT automation adoption needs to be supported by appropriate business process reengineering and change management initiatives.

This report:

Makes a case for a business-led view of IT automation Outlines the business value continuum for the enterprises, exploring illustrative use cases across key industries Establishes an IT automation framework for business value and how to measure the efficacy of IT automation implementations Suggests key considerations for enterprises as they implement IT automation as part of broader business transformation.

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