Accessing Knowledge Content

There are multiple ways for visitors to find information available through IAOP’s website:  Browsing the main content page of our knowledge center, Firmbuilder; utilizing the site’s Google-based keyword search; through the use of our Knowledge Index system; and directly from various IAOP program pages, such as, chapters, events, award programs and others.

Below are the ways that IAOP members may locate content.
Firmbuilder Page
User Activity: General Browsing
Split into three sections, visitors get a glimpse into the type of information available to them. Several Quick Links at the top of the page provide an intro to IAOP content. The Knowledge Center Lead Article section showcases valuable content for visitors. Visitors are introduced to our featured categories in the Featured Category Section.

Google Search
User Activity: Keyword Search for targeted results
Visitors are able to search the broader site as well as Firmbuilder articles using the embedded Google search tool. Using their desired search terms, they can search for keywords, topics, presenters/authors, etc. This method is the best for trying to find a specific article or articles. Results may be sorted by date or by relevance. Also, results can be filtered to show only articles mapped as Knowledge Center Articles (Firmbuilder content).


Knowledge Index
User Activity: Category Selection(s) for broader results
The Knowledge Index enables visitors to drill down into specific predefined categories and topics to discover content matching their criteria. This is not a Search as such, but a means to locate content meeting the defined criteria using ‘And’ or ‘Any’ terms. This allows visitors to locate all articles that meet the criteria desired, not necessarily a specific article.
The Index may be accessed by the link in the upper right corner of each webpage or by a link found in the Quick Links section of the main Firmbuilder page. In addition the header for each Featured Category and the accompanying ‘Search This Category’ link below the featured article titles listed will direct a user to the Index with the Category pre-selected for searching purposes.
A review of the sections in the Advanced Mapping Search in the Knowledge Index will show the available subjects that have articles mapped to them. 

IAOP Program Content
User Activity: Accessing information available from specific Programs such as our Chapters, Conferences and PULSE magazine
Content from our various IAOP Programs has been mapped to Firmbuilder and our Knowledge Index. In addition material can be obtained from these specific program pages. For example, the current and past issues of PULSE can be accessed from a PULSE webpage.

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