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Risk Monitoring |Governance |Advisory

Risk Monitoring |Governance |Advisory

San Francisco Chapter Co-Chair

San Francisco Chapter Co-Chair

Chamber of BPO&IT ANDI - Colombia

Chamber of BPO&IT ANDI - Colombia

Everest Group

Everest Group


IAOP Chapter: Philadelphia

Meeting held on May 15, 2018

The IAOP Philadelphia chapter, co-chaired by Merck, Nexient, Canon Business Process Services and Orion Business Innovation held a meeting on May 15, 2018 on the topic of Crowdsourcing - Leveraging the Power of the Crowd.

Speakers: Dave Messinger, Chief Architect & VP of Product, Topcoder
                 Dr. Timothy A. Rhodes, Senior Principal Scientist, Merck

                      Dan Dubiner, CTO, ScaleHub

1. What is Crowdsourcing and what can be “Crowdsourced”  - A convergence of social and technical trends – the rise of Millennials and the Gig economy, the Internet, the Cloud and Social Networks – enable companies to reach experts with exceptional and specific skills instantaneously and on-demand via cloud-based platforms. Crowdsourcing is one mainstay that is overturning the way business is done, from mobile app development to data science, testing and product design, and that’s just the beginning.  Companies that do not figure out how to take advantage of the best talent available – wherever that talent may be – risk losing ground to more agile competitors.
2. Current and emerging Crowdsourcing models – A company greatest asset are its employees, who possess a wealth of talent, experience and “tribal knowledge” of internal strategies, processes and systems.  But as customer needs, competitive offerings and buying preferences evolve, companies have a hard time keeping pace, as hiring practices are typically “lagging indicators”, due to the time and effort to justify new positions and execute the hiring process.  Crowdsourcing can jumpstart creativity and accelerate product lead-times by bringing new ideas and expertise.  The challenge for a company, therefore, is to combine the wisdom of its workforce with the power of the Crowd to produce meaningful innovation, and models for governing how to integrate Crowdsourcing into an enterprise resource strategy are now being implemented.

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Kurt Wolf, Co-chair

Robert Cherry, Co-chair
Sourcing Manager

Asim Malik, Co-Chair
Vice President

David Blaze, Co-Chair
Business Relationship Manager
Canon Business Process Services

Sean Alston, Co-Chair
AVP Marketing
Orion Business Innovation



Communication - Foster communication, networking and value creation within the community of outsourcing professionals in the tri-state Philadelphia region.
Education - Conduct education, training and professional development of outsourcing participants in the region.  Discover, develop and promulgate best practices for the profession, particularly as applicable to industries represented in the region.
Cooperation - Encourage constructive cooperation among the region’s customers, providers, advisors, academia and government.




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Meeting held on: January 18, 2018
The IAOP Philadelphia chapter, co-chaired by Merck, Nexient and Canon Business Process Services held a meeting on January 18, 2018 on "Digital Disruption for the Enterprise".

Digital Disruption for the Enterprise - while startups have generally led the way in "disruption," this is now a matter of survival for the Enterprise.  However, the "disruption" needs to come from within.  To survive, the enterprise needs to grow and create interesting customer engagement paradigms and shift away from cost-center mentality.   A superior digital experience is rapidly becoming table stakes vs. a true differentiator.

Nexient has been taking this disruption mentality to customers, shifting focus from Information Technology to Business Technology centric solutions, helping clients focus on getting the right Digital Experience (DX) architecture, and allowing the business to leverage the DX capabilities in ways that will beat the competition.  In this talk, we discused some of the typical internal "disruptions" that were made and case studies to reinforce themes discussed.

Speaker Bios: 
Asim Malik, VP and Executive Client Partner:  Asim has decades of executive experience managing large scale teams and implementing solutions with global delivery firms. He is a hands on technologist with ability to recognize opportunities, rally executive support, execute and deliver on such opportunities that help make money, save money or simplify the business. Strong focus on process/product innovation for customer and internal organizations using Lean, Six Sigma and CMMi. He has deep experience in IT Services Outsourcing, Contract Management, Negotiations and Supplier Management. Asim is passionate about helping clients achieve long term success beyond just the "scope of a project."  He is responsible for Nexient's East Coast territory.

Victoria Papa, Digital Account Director: Vicky has been a career consultant, beginning with Bearing Point and growing into a Digital Transformation expert with SapientNitro.  Vicky then joined a boutique systems integration firm based in San Francisco where she played a key role in growing the company's burgeoning Digital practice.  Vicky now runs strategic digital accounts on the West Coast for Nexient.

Andy Lin, VP Digital and Strategic Services:  Andy has been in the consulting business for over 25 years.  He has held nearly every role in the consulting arena, starting as a software engineer for Century 21, and launching a Web Consulting firm while attending UC Berkeley.  He has continued to pursue his passion for Digital Experience and Customer Engagement solutions, having helped three systems integration firms successfully launch Digital Agency offerings.  With a strong technology background and ability to create synergies with Strategy and Creative, Andy currently leads Nexient's Digital and Strategy services.

Meeting held on May 11, 2017
The IAOP Philadelphia Chapter, co-chaired by Merck, Nexient, WGroup and Canon Business Process Services held a meeting on May 11, 2017 on the topic of:  Regulatory Changes Impacting Sourcing and Automation – What could it mean for your business?
There is currently a tremendous amount of uncertainty amongst sourcing professionals as the outsourcing world as we know it is being challenged. Possible regulatory changes have the potential to significantly impact how organizations operate, and may completely change the future state of outsourcing. During this meeting we explored important questions like:
  •  What if there is a tariff placed on outsourced or offshore  resources?
  •  What could changes in H-1B visas mean for a global technology  workforce?
  •  How could Bill Gates’ “Robot Tax” on automation impact process  improvement  initiatives?  
  •  And more…
To provide clarity around these topics, we were joined by Tony Ioele, Managing Principal from WGroup. Tony is a renowned advisor to IT and sourcing leaders with over 25 years of diverse industry experience. Tony reviewed the potential paths of sourcing regulation, detail the top potential risks, and outline strategies that could be employed to respond.

Launch Meeting held on January 10, 2017!
The IAOP Philadelphia Chapter, co-chaired by Merck and WGroup, Inc will hold its launch meeting on January 10, 2017 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm EST at McCormick & Schmick's Seafood & Steaks, 1 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

Digital Transformation and the Affect on Sourcing 
  • Ves Kjenstad, Head of IT Service Integration at BMS, will lead a discussion on how BMS is renegotiating two major vendors.  The idea is to "shift left", i.e. from Tier 2/3 to Tier 1 to Tier 0 to self-help and automation. 
  • John Dabek, WGroup Principal, will also share his experiences on digital transformation and will lead an open dialogue on sourcing strategies and how the relationships businesses create with IT vendors can support their digital transformation journey.
Networking Refreshments provided by WGroup, Inc

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