How Can IAOP Help You?

At IAOP we believe that the best way to improve outsourcing outcomes is to tap the collective knowledge and insights of its practitioners – the global community of outsourcing professionals. Wherever they are and whether they work at customer, provider or advisory organizations, these professionals share a common desire to achieve great business outcomes and to do so at the lowest possible cost and risk. IAOP also recognizes that every organization is different – with its own unique needs and goals.  As a result, IAOP has adopted a global leadership structure and has tailored a wide array of services to fit your individual needs.

Serving the Needs of Customers at Every Level of Experience

New to outsourcing? Not sure yet what you will do or when?  An individual Professional Membership in IAOP is a great starting point.  For only a few hundred dollars per year, you’ll be able to tap the experiences and latest insights of the global community of outsourcing professionals through:

• IAOP’s online Knowledge Center, with more than a thousand articles, reports, and presentations.
• An electronic copy of the Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge (OPBOK), a 400-plus page guide to designing, implementing and managing successful outsourcing relationships.
• A complimentary subscription to Pulse – IAOP’s official publication.
• IAOP’s online e-mail network, where you can ask questions of fellow outsourcing professionals globally.
• Attending any and all IAOP Chapter meetings held at major cities around the world and via web conferences.

Decided to outsource one or more functions? Getting your core team of professionals up to speed and finding the best opportunities, providers, and locations are key. A Customer Corporate Membership does this. For just a few thousand dollars per year, up to five individuals can become Professional Members and receive the benefits mentioned above. Additionally, two of these individuals may attend IAOP’s annual Outsourcing World Summit for free and others at a significant discount.

Corporate Members also receive a number of complimentary services:

• Discounts for taking IAOP’s Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) Master Class, where the world’s top outsourcing professionals take you through an intense three-day program that will ensure a high quality outsourcing outcome for your company.

Experienced organization with extensive outsourcing programs? You face a very different set of challenges. For you, ensuring that you are staying ahead of the game and  managing your outsourcing program consistently and efficiently is key.  Getting your outsourcing professionals to the top of the field is critical:

• Involvement in a leadership capacity in IAOP chapters and committees does this, as does participating as a speaker or contributor at various IAOP programs, including the annual Outsourcing World Summit.
• Completing and maintaining COP certification not only ensures that the individuals leading your company’s outsourcing program are at the front of the field – it also motivates and rewards them, ensuring that your company can retain and expand the talent it needs in this ever-changing field.
• Applying for IAOP’s Global Excellence in Outsourcing (GEO) Award is a great way to showcase your teams leadership and attract and retain the top talent you need. 

Helping Providers & Advisors Deliver Better Outsourcing Outcomes

Providers and advisors have many of the same needs as customers. These professionals also need to understand how to put together and manage great relationships, and they need to be experts at avoiding pitfalls. All of IAOP’s services are, by design, intended to achieve high-quality outcomes for customers, providers and advisors alike.

In particular, providers, especially those that have just entered the outsourcing market, can benefit from IAOP’s proven business development and branding opportunities.  For example:

• Having a team of Certified Outsourcing Professionals gives your firm the advantage it needs to compete for outsourcing business and the skills your customers expect.
• Exhibiting at The Outsourcing World Summit is a great way to start each year – showcasing your company’s services to the largest international gathering of outsourcing buyers.

Experienced providers and advisors know that keeping themselves and their leaders at the forefront of the industry is paramount:

• IAOP’s Global Outsourcing 100 (GO100) showcases these companies, and many strive every year to improve their position.
• Showcasing client engagements in outsourcing leadership sessions at The Outsourcing World Summit is an excellent way to share and demonstrate your company’s experience, build stronger relationships and educate potential buyers.
• Leading IAOP chapters and contributing research and papers to are  additional ways that IAOP Corporate Membership enables experienced providers and advisors to showcase their leadership, while at the same time educating executives on their area of expertise and advancing the topic.
• IAOP’s standards-based programs for certifying outsourcing professionals at every level in the career pathway are a great way to ensure consistency in the delivery of outsourcing services.

Advisors and providers may integrate IAOP’s programs into their offerings to their clients. Frequently, companies will encourage their clients to become members of the association, take them to association events, and work with them to incorporate the Certified Outsourcing Professional program,  GEO and other programs into their operations.

To become a member of IAOP or to learn about any of the association’s programs or services, please contact Scott Douglas, director, association development, at +1.845.452.0600 ext.103, at, or contact your account executive.

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