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People Matter, Results Count.

People Matter, Results Count.

We provide CWO, RPO, & many other BPO solutions

We provide CWO, RPO, & many other BPO solutions


We polled you and we hear you. We understand you are most likely not just jumping into these strategic partnerships for the very first time. You've got skill and now you need to hone it.

We are knee deep in putting together the program for OWS18, but here are a few early highlights...


Jared Weiner: You asked for him back and you got him. Jared is Executive VP & Chief Strategy Officer of The Future Hunters and one of the world’s leading futurists. His session will draw upon the combination of his own curiosity, analytical acuity and extensive experience to distinguish long-term trends from fads; contextualize the future for audiences; help people identify profit opportunities that lie ahead; raise awareness about challenges that lie ahead and get people thinking in entirely new ways!

CXOs, exploring the thinking of those in the top jobs:  Atul Vashistha, Chairman of Neo Group, sourcingboard.gov and IAOP board member leads this panel of experts including Tiger Tyagarajan, CEO, Genpact; Suzanne Leopoldi-Nicholes, Head of GBS, ADM; Steve Rudderham, VP, Global Business Services, Kellogg; and David Brown, Global Lead, Shared Services and Global Advisory, KPMG, in engaging the audience in this rapid-fire session positioned to get you thinking.

COPs, the industries experts: We will rotate four COPs at a time in this hear-ask-challenge question and answer format. Put these COPs to the test and get your most pressing questions answered.

Kevin Parikh, CEO, Avasant
Digital technology is now omnipresent, and it’s doing nothing less than rewiring human society. The brick-and-mortar approach to selling consumer goods is disappearing—fast, and the very definition of what constitutes work—and what constitutes value—is shifting beneath us.  There is profound uncertainty in all this change, but there is also profound, unparalleled opportunity that’s happening before our eyes. Hear about the society-wide solutions the Digital Age demands and why humankind is better positioned to engineer those solutions than ever before.


  • Customer-Only and Provider/Advisor-Only Key Issues Workshops
  • Combined Customer/Provider/Advisor Key Issues Workshop
  • How Can Companies Disrupt Themselves? Ulla Riber, Head of Corporate Garage, ISS
  • Five Secrets to Crafting an RFX  Mary Lewis, Manager, Sourcing, Sprint
  • The Politics of Outsourcing One year into the new USA Government administration, this expert panel will compare, contrast, agree, argue, and discuss the real impacts (positive/negative/neutral) on outsourcing that this new political environment has created
  • Intelligent Automation Tanvir Khan, President, BPO, NTT DATA Services and Daniel Thomas, VP, Automation, Integration, and Alliances, NTT DATA Services
  • The New Face of Governance  Cynthia Batty, Director, ISG
  • Accelerating the Benefits of a Global Strategy  Kemp Otto, Strategy Consultant, Wells Fargo, and Laurie Smith, Strategy Consultant, Wells Fargo
  • Imagining a Utopian Delivery Model in the Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Industry  Wajid Mirza, Founding Partner, Arthur Lawrence
  • Botshore: Imagining the Future of Customer Relationships Arnaud de Lacoste, CMO, Ventures & Innovation, Sitel
  • Do You Have the Wrong Vendor and the Right Functions or the Right Vendor and the Wrong Functions?  Cara Koppenhoefer, COP, Strategic Consultant, Humana, and Maggie Cajka, Operations Manager, Humana
  • Building an Effective Governance Model  Lula Kosanic, Senior Director IT Procurement, Royal Bank of Canada
  • Cleveland Clinic Sourcing Model Initiates Broad Scope IT Transformation  Doug Smith, Former CIO, Cleveland Clinic, and Denise Desjardins, Managing Principal, WGroup
  • Cloud Contracting and the Digitization of the Sourcing Process - a Presentation of the Results of our Annual Survey on Cloud Contracting  Peter George, Partner, Baker & McKenzie, LLP


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